Understanding how your teams have been affected by Covid-19, the best ways to support, and how that has changed the dynamics within teams is key to ensure your employees are happy, motivated, and healthy.

Providing effective mental wellbeing and productivity solutions for growing tech and software firms, Aurora Wellness Managing Director, Ngozi Weller joined Sheri Hughes, PageGroup’s UK Diversity and Inclusion Director, in this insightful on-demand webinar to explore how Covid-19 has evolved the conversation around mental health. 

Watch for unique insights into five key areas: 

  1. The impact of Covid on the mind and brain
  2. The three faces of crisis - how we respond to times of stress
  3. Mistakes that reactive companies make managing employee mental wellbeing
  4. The corporate cost of inaction on wellbeing
  5. The four core areas of an effective mental wellbeing strategy


Introducing our guest speakers 

Ngozi Weller 

Mental wellbeing and productivity Consultant | MHFA | Corporate trainer | Speaker | Coach

Ngozi Weller is a management training consultant and productivity and work-life balance coach. She teaches people how to set winning goals and build a life that works for them and their families.

Having worked for over 15 years in the world of Big Oil, Ngozi has experienced first-hand how challenging the corporate world can be. Having started her business following her own battle with depression and anxiety, she has a keen understanding of exactly how pervasive mental health and wellbeing disorders can be. This led her to set up Aurora with her cousin, qualified psychologist and peak performance coach, Obehi Alofoje to empower others to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. 

Obehi Alofoje 

Stress Management Consultant | Productivity Coach

Obehi Alofoje is a qualified psychologist and peak performance coach who works with high-achieving millennials who cannot figure out how to stop procrastinating. She has worked with over 600 clients to help them overcome self-sabotaging, unhelpful mindsets and behaviours. She teaches people simple productivity and work-life balance strategies to get things done, so that they can live their best lives.

Following the trauma of three family bereavements, as well as professional burnout, Obehi uses her psychology and coaching skills in a purposeful way to help people build the inner resilience that could enable them to ride through any adversity. She believes that everybody has the right to a fulfilling life, where they realise their own potential, can work productively, and make a positive contribution to their community.