Feedback should be a fundamental part of every career because, without feedback, it is near impossible to find out where you are going wrong or where you may be able to improve. Continuous learning at work will help you to become the best professional you can be. A 360-degree review encourages personal reflection and professional improvement. They are a great tool that you can use to guide yourself in the right direction and improve as an employee in the process.

So, what is 36-degree feedback, and how can you use it to become a better employee? 

What is 360-degree feedback?

360-degree feedback is an online, anonymous review form that is filled out by a group of professionals that you work with. This is typically built up of your colleagues, manager, or other people in your wider team. This form will be comprised of questions around what your performance is like at work and what you should start or stop doing in the workplace. 

Usually, the feedback that you receive will be linked with your personal development plan and will help to formulate your future goals, and objectives for the future. This form will give you a unique insight into what your general merits and demerits are as a professional. You can use this feedback to better yourself professionally and personally.

What are problems with 360-degree feedback?

Performance-based reviews must be dealt with tactfully and professionally. Here are some of the key problems you might face when giving or receiving 360-degree feedback.

Giving feedback

  • It can be difficult to know how to present your constructive criticism in writing.
  • Sometimes it can be difficult to know what exactly to include in your feedback form. 

Receiving feedback

  • You may feel as though you are being personally attacked during the process. If you feel uncomfortable you should flag this with a superior.
  • It is important to act on the feedback that you get – speak to your manager if you are unsure how to make changes at work.

What are the advantages of 360-degree feedback?

The key advantages of 360-degree feedback are broad and can be different for each individual who has a 360-degree review. Here are some of the key advantages:

  • It can outline your strengths and weaknesses as an employee, which will help you to develop if you make the changes you need to.
  • It gives you a unique insight into what your team members are looking for, and expect of you in the workplace. A lot of people wouldn’t feel comfortable discussing such things in person. This provides a forum to be open and honest. 
  • If you are filling out a 360-degree feedback form for one of your colleagues, you are able to offer constructive, anonymous feedback, potentially creating a more positive working environment as a result.

Whether you are filling out or receiving a 360-degree review form, it is important to recognise that they should be filled out and structured in a way that offers constructive criticism. Although they are meant for improvement purposes, they are a great space to share positive opinions about someone else in the team.

What shouldn’t be included in a 360-degree review?

The objective of a 360-degree review should be made clear to you from the outset, regardless of whether you are completing the form or receiving the feedback from your colleagues. You should seize this opportunity in the most productive and open-minded way possible. Here are some things that your 360-degree review won’t cover: 

  • Your attendance, KPI’s, or any other objectives should not be discussed.
  • Your abilities to perform the role should not be discussed. This includes reference to your skill set.
  • The review shouldn’t be used to outline whether or not you are performing your duties and job requirements. 

It is important that only the questions on the form be answered. Only that way will your points be used effectively to ensure that continuous improvement and development is happening within the business.

If you are filling out the 360-degree form or having one filled out about you, it is important that you are fair, honest, and open-minded. Only this way will you be able to change and adapt personally and professionally in your career. Feedback is crucial in learning more about yourself from others in the workplace.

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