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White papers are authoritative reports, created to educate the reader. They delve deeper than a standard article, by offering a broader analysis of a specific subject matter. A white paper is a document that should contain competent information, designed to serve up a different perspective. A good white paper will outline its purpose from the outset to evaluate the issues surrounding the set topic within a given context, highlight a problem around the subject matter, and deliver a solution.

White paper reports can be a key part in building your brand awareness, helping to enhance the perception of your expertise from outside of your business. They are a great way to feed your sales team. It’s standard practice in most industries to host their white papers online behind gated content, getting the end-user to register/share their contact information to access and download it, to build and facilitate their lead generation strategy.

A white paper report should contain key takeaways and its structure should be as clear as possible, with a title page, an easy-to-read table of contents, an overview of the problem that will be addressed, solutions to the problem and a conclusion.

We’ve built a solid white paper library with topics such as: Future-Proof Marketing: How to Build a Team Ready for Tomorrow, where we examine the issue of losing talent to competitors and the benefits of building diverse teams. Bridging the Digital Marketing Skills Gap: How to Win the War for Top Talent, we take a look at the challenges faced in marketing – predominantly in the digital arena CFO and Financial Leadership insights, delves into the biggest challenges facing CFOs, SMEs, and multinationals – and the four approaches needed to overcome them.

Here at Michael Page, we plan to build upon the successful white papers and research reports that we have already delivered. We will continue to use our experience when tackling emerging issues head-on and seek insight from industry leaders to help create debate, and keep our clients informed.

View our white papers, research reports, and specialist recruitment guides below, or get in touch with one of our expert consultants for more information on your industry.