How to motivate millennial workers

Millennial workers are the future leaders of the workforce, they will be driving businesses forward and transforming the ‘traditional’ business model that has moulded organisations for the last generation. As business leaders in today’s market, it is important for you to understand the value that millennial workers can, and will bring, to your organisation, if they are motivated.

The millennials in the workforce today are asking for more than a high salary and good management. They expect more from their workplace. Therefore, it is essential for businesses to motivate their millennial workforce and make them the leaders of tomorrow. At the same time, they will also drive your organisation forward. Offering them a chance to grow and develop within your organisation will reap dividends for your business. Here are some of the key ways that you can motivate your millennial workers today. 

1. Allow them their voice

In business today, it is vital for every individual to feel as though they can speak their mind and be heard by their colleagues. If you don’t give the junior or millennial members of your organisation the opportunity to speak, then it is highly likely you are missing out on opportunities for positive change. Remember that you have hired these people for a reason and that their opinion can add value. Nobody likes to feel as though they aren’t being listened to or taken seriously. Creating an open forum for all of your employees will encourage them to speak up and feel valued by the wider organisation.

2. Help them to set out a career plan

Millennials are typically keen to have a clear progression plan when they enter into a role. Throughout their education, they will have had to pre-plan for years ahead when choosing their GCSE options and their A-Level subjects. Their journey has been thought out up until the moment that they start work. Therefore, this mindset isn’t likely to change when they enter into employment. Help them to plan where they want to go and advise them on their strengths, and areas that they need to improve on. If they see a clear route to success with your business, then they will likely stay with your company for longer. 

3. Encourage a healthy work-life balance

A lot of workers believe that staying late at work will equate to success in the workplace. This is generally untrue. Even though employees may need to stay late some days to meet a particular deadline, this should not be encouraged at work. Make sure that you are encouraging and understanding of your employees' personal lives. Whilst work is important, people need time to relax, recuperate, and spend time with their loved ones as much as they can. 

4. Create a comfortable working environment

Toxic, hectic, or simply unpleasant working environments don’t encourage motivation or productivity. It is important to create a space at work that people feel comfortable in and are able to be themselves at. Millennial employees are known for job-hopping. Therefore, it is more likely that you will lose them to a competitor if they aren’t happy at work. Creating a comfortable and productive working environment will help you to keep up retention rates and enjoy your days in the office.

Motivating a workforce can be difficult if you feel like your team is experiencing a drop in productivity. If you would like to learn more about motivating your workforce, why not download our essential guide which will help you to take your team from stagnant to unstoppable. Alternatively, if you are looking to hire top talent in your sector, please get in touch with one of our specialist recruitment consultants today.

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