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Finding the right skills

In today’s competitive employment market, organisations of all sizes need top talent to drive their business forward. When it comes to bringing in new staff, qualifications, experience and team fit are all key considerations for any hiring manager. However, finding people with the right skills is perhaps the most important element of all in the recruitment process.

Of course, the term ‘skills’ can cover a broad range of attributes – and different jobs will demand different types of skills. For some roles, a solid grasp of the the technical skills necessary to operate certain software or equipment is what is required. For other positions, soft skills such as communication, team work and initiative are top of the list for recruiters. However, for the vast majority of roles, a balance of hard and soft skills are highly sought after by hiring managers – with the specific blend depending on the demands of the role.

With this in mind, we have devised a range of handy tools and content to help you find the right skills when hiring new staff. Our Skills Finder tool allows you to find out the skills employers typically ask for when hiring for specific roles. Simply type in the role you’re hiring for and the tool does the rest. Not only can this information provide inspiration when writing job adverts for new hires, but it can also help you keep an eye on what the competition is asking for within the market. We have also put together an interactive list of the Top 100 skills organisations are looking for this year, along with helpful content guides on how to run a smooth recruitment process.

Whatever you’re looking for in your next hire, we’ve got the tools, tips and the knowhow to make sure you get it right.