In a bid to hire employees who will make a lasting, positive contribution to an organisation, hiring managers look beyond a job seeker’s credentials and technical skills.

While knowledge and track record remain vital to filling any role, employers who recognise the importance of aligned values between candidate and company will go a long way to achieving greater productivity, compatibility and length of service from their new hires.

Employers wishing to make the right hires can make a positive start by taking steps to understand what makes their organisation and people tick. This can be achieved by:

  • Observing their employees at work and assessing the work patterns within the business from an outsider’s perspective.
  • Investigating what impact the immediate working environment (space, light, decor, etc.) has on employees and on work practices.
  • Questioning staff (in an objective, non-judgemental forum) on their working arrangements and what they like/dislike about their working arrangements.
  • Assessing and outlining your employee value proposition, what your organisation can offer and how you are perceived as an employment prospect by external candidates.
  • Comparing the working environment and outlook of the business to that of other similar companies.

Find the one that fits

While understanding the make-up of your organisation can help you improve the company’s existing environment and provide you with an insight into who you should or should not hire, you will also need to focus on the individual characteristics of your candidates to ensure they’re right for your business.

The safest way to assess potential candidates for the right fit is to conduct a series of behavioural and motivational questions as part of the interview process.

Employers can quickly find out whether a candidate will fit in to an organisation by asking them a few common behavioural interview questions such as: “What’s your idea of an ideal job?” or “why do you feel you are the most suitable candidate for this job?”

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