Whether you're a startup looking to disrupt the market or an established company aiming to stay ahead of the curve, having a team of skilled technology professionals is paramount.

But building such a team is no small feat. It requires strategic planning, keen insight into current industry trends, and a thorough understanding of what it takes to attract and retain top talent.

To access popular jobs in technology, UK salary ranges to help you benchmark, and hiring trends to support your workforce planning:

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Whether you're a HR manager tasked with recruiting tech talent or a CTO looking to expand your team, our guide is designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to build a powerhouse tech workforce that drives innovation and propels your organisation to new heights.

Essential skills for elite tech teams

The IT landscape has evolved dramatically in recent years. With evolving skill requirements, roles, and mounting expectations on IT departments, the pressure to keep pace is unyielding.

Navigating the ever-shifting digital era can be daunting, making it crucial to pinpoint the most vital skills to build elite tech teams. Does your team measure up with these skills in hand or do you have a skills gap that could put you behind competitors?

Here are some essential skills to ensure you have in your tech team arsenal.

  1. Data storage and integrity: Equip your team with skills in storage configuration, disaster recovery, data governance, resilience, and replication for safeguarding critical organisational data.
  2. Software development: Don't succumb to one-size-fits-all software. Save IT budgets by having on-team developers crafting tailored solutions aligning with your unique IT infrastructure.
  3. Security expertise: Combat denial-of-service attacks, virus outbreaks, and data compromise by training your IT stars.
  4. Database design: Boost productivity with in-house database experts, averting high third-party support costs. Ensure swift, cost-effective support for business functions.
  5. Cloud navigator: Equip your team with cloud-specific skills for oversight, security, and load-balancing in a flexible, accessible cloud-based world.
  6. Soft skills: Beyond technical prowess, soft skills are the glue. Enhance communication, collaboration, and analytical abilities to empower your IT team for cross-functional success.

Our candidate survey revealed 37% of IT professionals desire training opportunities from their employer. As well as seeking top skilled talent, make sure you’re continuously training existing employees with a robust development plan to keep them engaged and ensure their skills are up to date with the ever-evolving tech industry.

Technology recruitment: Roles in high demand

At Michael Page we understand long term transformation starts with a goal, but it’s the team of experts behind the scenes who shape and deliver that goal.

We’re here to help you find your experts and transform your business. Our expert recruitment services and tech consultants can guide you to streamline the hiring process and identify top talent, so you don’t have to do it alone.

Every organisation has its unique needs and challenges. What are yours?

Looking at in-demand tech roles can help you plan self-sufficient teams with the skills to meet your business objectives and deliver results.

Here are just some of the most popular roles in technology to look out for:

Cloud Engineer: Shaping cloud infrastructure for seamless operations, Cloud Engineers design, implement, and manage cloud systems, ensuring scalable, secure, and efficient performance.

Data Architect: Orchestrating information for strategic advantage, Data Architects design robust data systems, define data architecture, and ensure data accuracy and accessibility. They translate business objectives into data strategies, fostering informed decision-making.

.NET Developer: These experts are your code maestros, crafting digital experiences with precision. Responsibilities include developing and maintaining .NET applications, ensuring high performance and responsiveness. They focus on various aspects of web development, mobile application development, Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and cloud applications.

Delve into greater insights in our 2024 technology industry predictions and discover what trends are shaping the sector and how it might impact your hiring plans.

Sourcing solutions for technology recruitment

If you’re tackling talent scarcity in high-demand roles, struggling to source niche skillsets for a unique project, or want to encourage innovation and problem-solving by fostering a more diverse workforce, we’ve got sourcing solutions tailored to your hiring needs.

As a social-impact business, we’re uniquely designed to help you access rich, untapped talent pools, and a network of diverse individuals through our Hire-Train-Deploy system. Learn more about how you can access diverse tech talent at your fingertips at Michael Page.

Did you know as well as being technology recruitment specialists, we’re also experts in HR, finance, and legal recruitment to name a few? Learn what we can do for you – explore all our areas of expertise.

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