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For both employers looking to hire and professionals seeking a new job, determining the right salary for a particular role can be difficult. There is no one size fits all solution. The qualifications and level of experience a professional has, along with the average salaries in the industry and the demand for certain skill sets in the market, all impact on the final salary package that is offered and accepted.

To ensure you are offering the talent on your team and potential employees a competitive salary, benchmark salaries for hundreds of roles based on the job function and industry you are hiring in using our Salary Benchmarking Tool.

If you are exploring your career options and wondering how your salary compares to the wider market, our Salary Comparison Tool can give you an insight into the average salaries for the roles you are interested in by title, profession, industry sector and region. We also have a number of useful guides on how to negotiate your salary and our income tax calculator can give you a breakdown of the new take-home pay you should expect.

These tools are just a small sample of our extensive library of career and management advice. We have over 40 years’ experience in recruitment, our consultants are not only experts in their local region but the specific sectors they recruit for. If you need advice about your career opportunities or hiring needs get in touch for a confidential discussion.