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Pressing Refresh: How to Revive a Stagnating Team

Personal productivity is an intrinsic part of business success because today’s leaders and managers need their people to be motivated to do the very best they can. 
As part of our new series of Michael Page webinars we look at, ‘Pressing Refresh: How to Revive a Stagnating Team’ where we are joined by top career coach Sarah Archer, an experienced career coach with 20 years’ experience working in HR in the commercial and voluntary sectors.
This webinar explores six key ways to revive a stagnating team, from tips on encouraging collaboration and communicating effectively, to building confidence and avoiding complacency.
Key takeaways: 
  • Building a collaborative team by getting the right mix and keeping morale high.
  • Making improved communication a priority and providing regular feedback.
  • Ensuring that your staff have a defined career path so that they can grow.
  • Having clear, vision, direction and ambition, from your leadership team which is paramount to achieving long and short-term success.