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Webinar: 5 tips on hiring top talent to manage peak season

What role do the people in your company have in making you more competitive during business peaks?

For most businesses, being prepared terms of resource, and materials is a strategic priority in the months ahead of peak periods such as the golden quarter. With increasing challenges in managing online services, or digital elements to stores married with customer service expectations having the right skills in your organisation is imperative. 

This webinar will help managers make the right decision when it comes to hiring the people at the core of their business. 

It will be hosted on the 20th June at 11:00am for approximately 1 hour. Register to learn:

  • Common challenges for retailers during peak season and case studies into how to improve them 
  • Our 5 key tips on hiring top talent 
  • How diversity is linked to business performance, and how to benefit from a diverse and inclusive culture. 



David Mann Operating Director for Retail, Michael Page London and South East

Oliver Nevel Operating Director for Retail, Michael Page Midlands

This webinar will be interactive and there will be an opportunity for a live Q+A during the webinar. A recording will also be circulated after the event.