In this challenging and fast-paced market, it is essential that organisations actively prioritise accessing untapped talent pools and candidates. In this webinar, Michael Page hosts experts to explore the business value of a neurodiverse workforce, how to attract neurodiverse talent, and successful strategies for creating an inclusive culture for neurodiverse staff.  

We will be hosting the following guest speakers: 

  • Jade Fuller, Programme Manager at Ambitious about Autism 
  • Simon Clements, Senior Director and Head of Workforce Transformation at CapGemini 
  • Charlotte Valeur, Founder, Global Governance Group

They will be sharing exclusive insights on:

  • What neurodiversity is, and the business case for a neurodiverse workforce
  • Attracting neurodiverse candidates to a wide variety of roles
  • How organisations can create and implement a culture of inclusion 
  • Building innovative workforces by accessing untapped talent in a skills-short market

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  • Event speakers:


    Eithne Hynes, Senior Manager, PageGroup


    Jade Fuller, Programme Manager, Ambitious about Autism

    Simon Clements, Senior Director and Head of Workforce Transformation, CapGemini

    Charlotte Valeur, Founder, Global Governance Group