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World Menopause Day: Building awareness and understanding

HR plays a vital role in supporting menopause in the workplace. As HR professionals, you are a crucial part of the chain of support, leading the change itself and guiding line managers, or a direct point of contact for anyone looking for clarification on policy and guidance.


Join this on-demand webinar to hear expert insights and advice from Lauren Chiren from Women of a Certain Stage including:


  • Key facts and impacts of menopause.
  • Building the demographic, business, and legal cases for employers to become menopause savvy.
  • Impacts of COVID and working from home for those on their peri or post-menopausal journey.
  • Arrangements, support, flexibility, and adjustments employers can offer to enhance employee relations.


Register for access to this on-demand webinar below:


This event is organised in partnership with Women of a Certain Stage. Information collected in support of this event will be shared with Women of a Certain Stage only. Under GDPR, individuals have the option to opt-out of any correspondence in connection with our events. Neither Women of a Certain Stage nor PageGroup will share your data with any other organisation concerning this event or any other matter. You can view the privacy statement from Women of Certain Stage here.



Lauren Chiren

Lauren is an executive health coach and menopause specialist. She left a senior role in financial services in her early 40s believing that she was suffering from early-onset dementia. Imagine her surprise when her doctor informed her, she had 'just' been through menopause!

Today she educates employers and supports high-performing women to navigate the changes and challenges of menopause. As a trusted coach, mentor, and keynote speaker, Lauren has helped thousands of executives, celebrities, and athletes across the UK and US. She holds qualifications in psychology, mental health, nutrition, coaching, and personal training. She shares her knowledge and stimulates the debate on what wellbeing means with insightful directness, commercial pragmatism, and absolute passion for ensuring optimum wellbeing and resilience.

Lauren’s goal is to transform global attitudes to the menopause, helping organisations to support their teams through this transformation successfully and to empower women to retain the vitality and presence throughout their menopausal journey.