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Case study – an exciting career in London

Lewis Matheson

Lewis Matheson spent two years working as a commercial insurance underwriter at Zurich Financial Services before he decided to leave Australia in April 2016. After spending a few weeks travelling and then relocating to the UK, Lewis got in touch with the Global Opportunities team and is now working as a recruitment consultant for Michael Page Banking and Financial Services. 
We caught up with Lewis to discuss his experience moving abroad. 

Relocating to the UK

Why did you decide to move to the UK?
I wanted to expand my horizons in terms of travel/leisure and my career. I had been to London before and really liked it – it’s a very charismatic city. 
Did you start applying for roles before arriving? How did you go about your job search once you arrived?
I had not applied for roles before coming to London but I had been referred to global ops by a friend of a family member in Sydney, so I reached out to the team when I arrived. Within a week I was booked in to meet with one of the consultants to discuss my job search and not long after I was placed into a temporary position. A few months later my CV was circulated again and I was contacted to discuss an internal recruitment consultant role within the banking and financial services team which I pursued. 
What are some of the challenges you faced?
In terms of challenges, it can be difficult to break into some job markets without UK experience. The market in Australia is very different and I didn’t have existing commercial relationships within the UK to bring to a new role.

Working for Michael Page 

What’s the corporate culture like at Michael Page?
The culture at Michael Page is excellent. It rewards performance very well and encourages good teamwork and collaboration. It is a very social environment; we have a lot of fun along the way. 
How are you finding your role in recruitment?
I really enjoy it. I never get bored as I am always learning more about the market and speaking to interesting candidates/clients.

Life in London

How are you finding life in London? 
London is great. I really like the feel of the city and there is so much to do. I was hesitant to move at first but it has worked out so well.
Have you managed to fit in any exciting experiences or travel since arriving?
I have travelled to various European countries and met great people along the way which has been an amazing experience. 
What’s your favourite thing about living in London?
London is a big city with a lot to offer. There seems to be a huge variety of things to do and in summer the city is so much fun. If only London had a beach…
What would be your advice for other candidates moving over to the UK?
When you can, make sure you take time off to enjoy the UK and Europe. There are some amazing places around that are very cheap to get to! 
Use any contacts you may have to increase your chances of finding the right role. Don’t settle for second best. Once you find a good position everything will fall into place.  
To speak to us about the career opportunities that are awaiting you in the UK, email [email protected] and the team will be in touch!