When you talk about your job, is it with a sense of pride and passion, or does the topic make you feel so deflated you just avoid it altogether?

Perhaps you haven’t even realised it yet, but if any of the below apply to you, maybe it’s time to start your new job search.

1. You dread every Monday morning

It’s true that many people feel a twinge of regret as they travel to work at the start of the week; remembering the lie-ins, social activities and relaxation of the weekend just gone. But if the thought of Monday mornings always plague your weekends, there is likely a deeper issue than simply preferring to stay in bed.

2. You take sick days or holidays for no reason

Have you considered pulling a sickie or even using up a precious holiday day just to avoid going into the office? This is only a quick fix and won’t cure any longer term resentment you’re feeling for the job.

3. You’re envious of others

When you talk about work with people outside of your organisation, do you ever feel jealous or that they work in far better places than you? Sometimes, even when you’re in a role you’re suited to, if the company isn’t right, you might wish you were elsewhere.

4. You’ve stopped caring

Have you lost your passion and drive? You’re not doing yourself or your team any favours if you’ve stopped being productive. It’s unfair to the rest of the department if you’ve stopped pulling your weight and you risk getting pulled up on it by management.

5. Your job is too easy, or too hard

If you’ve been in the same role for a while and haven’t been given any extra responsibility or received a promotion, you may start to get bored. If you’ve already raised the issue in appraisals but there’s no clear progression path available to you, now’s the time for a new challenge. Likewise, if you’re struggling with workload or need additional skills for your role but aren’t receiving the necessary support, you could be better off in an organisation that can provide you with extra training and resources.

6. You’re seriously underpaid

Salaries range by location and sector so don’t worry if your remuneration isn’t the same as everyone you know with a similar role. However, there are ways of working out an average salary and benchmarking yourself. Take a look at our salary centre to see if you’re on the right track.

7. You don’t get on with your colleagues

There is no rule that says you have to get on with everyone, but if you fundamentally disagree with those around you on a daily basis, it can really wear you down. It may just be that your values differ, which is fine, but find somewhere to work with likeminded people and you’re sure to be happier at work.

Of course, there are many cases when people just want a change. If you feel like a change, find for a new job by browsing Michael Page's listings today.

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