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Sales jobs are the powerhouse of revenue generation for many businesses, as lead generation and appointment setting translate into opportunities for talented sales professionals to not only close the deal, but also upsell to the customer and maximise the value of their order.

With that in mind, it's no surprise that senior sales jobs command high salaries, often accompanied by substantial performance-related bonuses, commission-based pay and other benefits.

So, what are the best paying sales jobs in the UK? We've ranked the top five below, with an estimated low, median and top-end salary for each to show you what the best paying sales jobs in the UK are right now. 

1. Technology Group Sales Director/CRO

London/South East: £120,000/£150,000/£180,000
Rest of UK: £120,000+ (low-end salary)

A group sales director or C-suite role is your best bet for a salary in excess of £120,000 no matter where you are in the country. As a group sales director, you'll be a senior team leader with responsibilities spanning the entire sales process, from direct sales and generating new business, to nurturing leads and caring for new and existing accounts, usually by delegating tasks to several sales executives who report to you.

2. Technology Enterprise Account Executive

London/South East: £90,000/£105,000/£115,000
Rest of UK: £85,000/£90,000/£100,000

Enterprise account executives exist across several sectors but again, technology-focused roles will typically pay the most, with a median salary of over £100,000 in London and the South East, and a top end of around that level elsewhere in Britain.

As an enterprise account executive, you will be responsible for managing the accounts of several enterprise-level customers. Particularly in tech, where budgets and revenues can be very large, you may be the first port of call and the last line in responsibility for major ongoing contracts with household name brands.

3. Consumer Sales Director

London/South East: £90,000/£100,000/£120,000
Rest of UK: £90,000/£100,000/£120,000

A consumer sales director position puts you in charge of the sales operation for businesses in the consumer market. Working for a single employer, you may be asked to coordinate the company's direct sales and outbound marketing, as well as ensure consistency across multiple advertising channels, social media and so on.

Unusually, this is one role where we found no significant difference between salaries in the South East and elsewhere in the country, with a median of £100,000 in all regions and a top-end salary of around £120,000.

4. Technology Sales Director

London/ South East: £80,000/£100,000/£120,000
Rest of UK: £70,000/£90,000/£120,000

In a rare example of a tech-specific role ranking behind the consumer sector equivalent, a technology sales director can expect very similar median and top-end salaries, but with a slightly lower bottom end, especially outside of the South East.

Alternatively, you could view this as good potential to progress, whether by moving to a different company, gaining promotions and pay rises internally, or by negotiating a higher salary when applying for a tech sales director vacancy in the first instance.

5. Technology Business Development Director

London/ South East: £80,000/£95,000/£110,000
Rest of UK: £60,000/£70,000/£80,000

Completing the top five, a technology business development director can expect a median salary of around £95,000 in London and about £70,000 elsewhere. 

A business development director holds a senior role with responsibility to build relationships, both external and internal, that help to generate revenues and allow the business to meet its profit goals. 

What are the best paying sales jobs ranked 6-10?

Finally, we round out the top ten best paying sales jobs in the UK with a look at those that didn't quite make the top five, but which still offer top-end London salaries creeping into six-figure territory. These are ranked according to the median salary paid in the South East - as you can see, there are significant differences in other regions, as well as in the top-end salaries on offer.

6. Business Services General Manager

London/South East: £85,000/£92,500/£100,000
Rest of UK: £85,000/£90,000/£95,000

7. Business Services Sales Director

London/ South East: £70,000/£90,000/£150,000
Rest of UK: £70,000/£90,000/£150,000

8. Technical General Manager

London/South East: £80,000/£90,000/£100,000
Rest of UK: £75,000/£85,000/£100,000

9. Technology Account Director

London/South East: £60,000/£90,000/£110,000
Rest of UK: £65,000/£72,500/£80,000

10. Technology Customer Success Director

London/South East: £80,000/£85,000/£100,000
Rest of UK: £75,000/£80,000/£85,000

Of the five, business services sales director roles deserve a special mention, as their top-end salary can reach £150,000 even outside of London and the South East, despite the median of £90,000 only placing seventh on our list.

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