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Making your next career move

When you are considering whether or not to make a career move, it is important to ensure that you have done your research. Is this the right time in your career? What should I be looking for in a new job? Then, once you have found the job you’ve been looking for and been offered the position, how do you resign and leave your current workplace on good terms?

Michael Page has over 40 years of recruitment expertise. Collectively, our consultants have placed thousands of candidates in new roles in a variety of different sectors across the globe. We provide professionals with the opportunity to reach for their dream job. Whether you are a candidate who has recently graduated or one that is looking to make a step up, we can help you to find the perfect new career. If you are unsure of the skills you need to move on, or take on that managerial position, we have all the advice you will need to push forward in your career towards professional success.

Many working professionals find it difficult to break through in their current role to get more responsibility or a higher salary. This is when a career move to another company that is better suited to their skills and career goals is sought after. If you are struggling to find your way on your career path or want to discover new opportunities, we can help.

Our specialist recruitment consultants understand how scary it can be to make a career change, that’s why we have created articles to help answer all of your questions about moving roles or organisations. With advice on making your way up the career ladder and when to make the next career move, we can help you take the next steps to a new career.