Signs its time to move jobs

We have all had one of those moments where we think, is this job for me? It is a fairly common thought and happens a lot more than you think! If you're starting to have these thoughts more regularly it might be time for you to consider looking for a new job or a complete career change. Being open to new job opportunities is very useful in your career journey, and it is always worth exploring something before outright saying no.  

What you want from your career at one stage in your life may evolve as you learn new skills or as your personal life priorities change - whether that’s because you’ve had children or want to move in or out of the city. In this article, we will be looking at 5 common signs that it's time for you to change jobs for career growth and personal development.

How to know if it’s time to look for a new job

You have no opportunity to grow or develop  

Feeling stagnant at work is one of the most common reasons people look for new roles. A lot of people will stay in a role that no longer serves their best interests for a range of reasons, such as company loyalty, resistance to change because they like their current co-workers or company culture or maybe you were put off looking for a new job during the 2020 pandemic.

While all of these are valid reasons, they could lead to lower job satisfaction in the long run. You have grown as a person and need to have new challenges and opportunities for development and to advance professionally.   

The lack of growth opportunities may not have anything to do with you, and more the lack of a valid business case or resources to move you into a different role. Regardless of the why, it is probably time for you to move on and find a new fulfilling role if you are feeling this way. 

You’re counting down the hours until you leave 

One of the telltale signs that you have fallen out of love with your role and might want to switch jobs is if you are constantly clock watching and waiting to get out of the office or log off for the day. 

Now obviously many people do get that feeling of wanting to finish work especially at the end of a busy day or week, but if you're counting down the hours more often than not this might be a telltale sign your current job is no longer bringing you joy. 

When people start a new role they usually bring a lot of passion and drive, and sometimes we lose that over time for several reasons.  You deserve a job you are enthusiastic about and feel like you are making a difference in no matter how long you’ve been working there.

You’re not being challenged  

Everyone has different preferences when they go to work and some people are content with having a role that is low-stress and less challenging, which is completely fine. But that is not for every employee.  Some people crave routine and some thrive in an adaptable environment.

A lot of people crave challenges and want a role that stimulates their mind, and a role that can help them develop and improve their skills. One of the core signs that you want to change jobs is the feeling of not being challenged. 

If this is something that drives you, it is worth looking for a role that is dynamic and will present new challenges regularly.  

When you go for your interview it is worth asking: will this role challenge me? Is every day going to be different? Is there enough progression and development paths I can aim for? A different company may be able to offer your more than your current company can, aligning better with your goals and career ambitions. 

You feel unappreciated  

A surefire way to want out of a role is when you feel like no one values you or your opinion. There are a lot of factors that could affect this, from being passed up on a promotion to not getting credit for your ideas, to feeling like you are invisible in your role.  

This can be on the social side of your role too, you may feel like you have drifted apart from your coworkers and you do not feel like a valuable member of your team anymore.  

Sometimes it is best to go with your gut and if something feels off, it probably is, you deserve to be somewhere that people value and appreciate you. 

You don’t feel passionate  

There are different levels of passion we will experience at our work, and not everyone will have a role that invokes that emotion all of the time, but passion can come in a lot of different forms.  

If you work in Sales, for example, you could get this feeling when you close a big deal, or in a marketing role when you launch a successful campaign. If you do not seem to care about your role or your and the companies successes then it is probably time to look for something that will spark your passion again.  

Sometimes, even the process of looking for new roles can help your drive, and attending some interviews and finding out what is out there can help you get a new lease of life on your role. You can also see that you will be a valued member of a new company too.  

What's next?

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