It’s that time of year, the names have gone into a ‘hat’ and you’ve pulled out the name of the guy you’ve never even spoken to; the one who sits in the corner behind a stack of papers and you’re sure is very nice, but you have no idea what interests him. Or worse, you’ve pulled out your manager’s name.

Now you have to think of something appropriate, light hearted, inoffensive, non-embarrassing and most importantly under the £10 limit.

We’ve come up with some suggestions for those of you that are stumped and reaching panic stage. Take a look at our 10 great secret Santa gifts to take along to your work Christmas do.

1. For the social media nut: like and dislike ink stamps.

Now they can like and dislike everything. It might be a good idea to list things they are NOT to stamp; e.g. other people’s possessions, animals, people etc.

2. For the outdoor lover: a desktop garden.

Bring the outdoors in with a desktop garden or find a low maintenance plant if they have room on their desk for one.

3. For the football fan: desktop football.

Get a small ‘finger football’ style game or a mini foosball table and it can double up as an activity for the Christmas party, you could even organise a tournament.

4. For the one who works during tea break: a memo mug.

Choose between a blackboard style exterior mug and chalk or a plain white mug with a special marker for jotting down notes.

5. For gadget guy: mobile phone tidy.

Secret Santa budgets probably don’t allow for any great gadgets so this is a good way of keeping with the theme. It loops onto the phone charger when it’s plugged into the wall and provides a small platform for the phone to rest on while it’s charging. (Also good for clumsy colleagues who have a habit of standing on their mobiles that they’ve left on the floor).

6. For the ‘I want you to make me a cup of tea but it MUST be made in this way’ one: mug with tea colour gauge.

Plenty of places sell these now, a white mug with strips of ‘tea colours’ inside for you to match up to your fussy colleague’s desired tea strength.

7. For the music fan: a musical tie. 

This novelty gift will be amusing for at least several minutes and can be worn at work or to the Christmas party.

8. For the neat freak: a desktop vacuum.

Gifts that can be used at work are great because the recipient won’t feel they have to take them home if you don’t know them that well.

9. For the girly one: a toiletry gift set.

Bath stuff is always a safe option, but go for a gift set so it’s clear it’s a present, not a hint.

10. For when you just don’t know what else to get: a lottery ticket.

This sounds like a bit of a cop-out but is good as a last minute option, and if it’s a winning ticket it could end up being the gift that keeps on giving!

If your workplace is having a budget Christmas party suggest to your colleagues that you all get secret Santa gifts that can be used at the party, such as games. It takes the pressure off everyone to think of personal gifts and will provide team building exercises.

We hope you’re feeling inspired, good luck and Merry Christmas!

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