The CIPD qualification is becoming more important to employers as human resources (HR) continues to evolve as a profession. While there is a current debate regarding whether or not it is a necessity or simply a good-to-have qualification, the general consensus is that its influence will continue to grow over the coming years.

Michael Page partner the Herts CIPD and support recruitment events that are aimed at individuals (CV writing, interview preparation, social media profile) and businesses (recruiting in the social media age, soft referencing). We are also hosting events on the implications of IR 35 in the public sector and the apprenticeship levy.  
To answer the question of how the CIPD can add real value, Paul Berwick, Manager of Michael Page Human Resources, caught up with Evelyn Thurley, chair of the Herts CIPD branch and Head of HR at Connect Plus Services. Evelyn explains how she sees the CIPD’s role for HR professionals and CIPD’s plans for 2017.

What value do you feel CIPD offers its members from a national level?

The CIPD now supports over 140,000 members around the world. Membership is open to all and has extensive value for HR professionals of all levels, and at different stages in their career. With access to the latest HR and learning and development resources, members can ensure that they, as well as their organisations, stay up-to-date with the fast-changing world of HR and employment law. Members can also keep in touch with connections by learning from a supportive community, both in person through attending branch and networking events, or via online communities.

How do you feel the CIPD has evolved since you became a member?

Having been a member for 30 years, I’ve seen the CIPD go through a considerable journey. The CIPD is now more than ever before, at the very forefront of global best practice and research. Through improving practices in people and organisational development, it is now helping to ensure that work benefits individuals, businesses, economies and society as a whole. There are also exciting changes being made to create a new definition of what it means to be an HR professional, which will be described in a new framework of professional standards. This ensures HR will remain a trusted and credible profession for the next generation of professionals.

How has the Hertfordshire CIPD evolved since you have taken a more active role in it?

Hertfordshire has one of the largest branches with over 3,000 members. I am very proud to have joined the branch committee over five years ago, which sees a dedicated professional team of volunteers deliver a range of local services and support to its members. Over recent years this committee has become more involved in the local community, strengthening relationships with schools, colleges, universities, and other employee forums. We also have active special interest groups for self-employed consultants, training and development specialists, and those interested in policy issues.

What are the plans for 2017?

The year ahead will see our partnerships with the local community develop further. We continue to run a lively programme of participative evening and weekend events, designed to help local HR practitioners expand their professional knowledge and network with like-minded people.
Michael Page can provide help or guidance for both employers and those looking for their next career move. From an employer perspective we can offer salary advice, current market information, and also help you recruit your next HR professional. For those looking for their next career move we can offer CV and interview advice, and also utilise our network to set up interviews with a wide range of employers in the local market.  
If you are an HR professional and would like to discuss how best we can help please do get in touch.
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