As part of our focus to better understand and support the clients, in particular HR professionals, we were very fortunate to have Aly Fadil, People Director at Sofology, spend a day with PageGroup Consultants. They were able to learn more about the challenges HR professionals face with recruitment and how as a recruitment partner, we can best support the needs and ways of working. Especially, as the routes to candidate attraction are becoming increasingly fragmented, whilst the demands of candidates and clients on great service and experience becomes more expectant.

Doing more

The group sessions held were full of energy, ideas and experience sharing, underpinned by a real desire to learn how we can be the ‘trusted advisors’ and ‘go to’ people when a business is hiring. Aly articulated that the true value of an agency has to be more than just reacting to vacancy requirements and simply being a person on the end of phone to source CVs. With in-house recruitment teams and various online tools to attract candidates, the key role that the agency has to offer is about doing the basics really well, really listening to and understanding what the business needs of the customer are. 

It was very evident that the expectation is that the recruitment consultant should be an extension of the team and have the same level of passion, belief and customer centric skills that puts people at the heart of everything they do.


A consistent theme that came through each of the sessions was the group thinking about how best to achieve the right behaviours that put the candidate experience right at the heart of what both, the recruiter and the recruiting organisation, need to achieve. Having a service level agreement and the right communication channels to achieve this is critical, and what also needs to sit behind this is a concerted effort to finely balance the short and medium demands to fill a role, invest in building a two-way relationship, and ultimately trusting and respecting the part everyone plays in helping attract, select and appoint great talent. It is a real team effort!


These sessions were a unique and invaluable experience allowing everyone to get an insight into how PageGroup can adapt and flex their approach to meeting the individual’s needs of business when it comes to hiring.
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