Top tips for recruitment in a candidate-driven market

In an increasingly competitive market, talented marketing professionals are highly prized. The uncertainty surrounding Brexit is now also having an impact on the availability of candidates in the market. In a recent survey conducted by Centaur for Marketing Week, some 31% of EU nationals working in marketing and creative roles have said that they will either ‘definitely’ or ‘probably’ leave the UK because of Brexit, and another 31% are ‘unsure’. 

The role of marketing professionals has evolved significantly in recent years, as companies opt for more customer-centric business models. As one of the most direct lines of contact between an organisation and its customers, marketing is well placed to guide organisations through these changes. Because of this, the responsibilities and demands placed on marketing leaders are expanding and companies are relying on their expertise more than ever before. 

With Glassdoor’s annual survey ’25 Best Jobs in the UK for 2018’ revealing the role of a Marketing Manager as the best job for the year based on earning potential, job satisfaction and the number of job openings, it is clear that these professionals have an advantageous position in the market.

To ensure you have access to the best candidates, here are our four top tips for attracting the best talent in a candidate-driven market.

1. Recruit the best person for the role rather than someone with industry knowledge.

Recruiting from outside of your immediate sector can mean more training initially but it can often reinvigorate a team. A new hire from outside the sector will no doubt have a different viewpoint, a new approach to marketing your organisation and will spot potential gaps in the market that have so far remained unseen.

2. Differentiate yourself from other employers to increase the volume of high calibre applications.

In a candidate-driven market, employers are often fighting within the same talent pool. Using your organisation’s branding when advertising your vacancy can often attract those candidates that may not be fully active within the job seeking market but who keep an eye on job boards in hopes of inspiration among the plethora of generic job adverts. Create a strong employee value proposition to define the essence of your company to help retain top performers and attract the best talent.  

 3. Be prepared to make a fast offer when you meet the right candidate. 

As an employer, when you start any recruitment campaign the ideal scenario is to compare and contrast a number of candidates to ensure you have seen enough talent to make a well-informed decision. In a candidate short market, companies have to complete recruitment processes on the back of between one and three interviews or risk losing a good quality candidate. The best talent might have several interview processes on the go and can receive multiple offers, so be sure to act quickly when you meet a candidate you like. 

 4. Manage your recruitment process in reverse.

Too often hiring managers get sign off for a role and take the position to market only to realise that annual leave, bank holidays and high-level meetings have blocked much of their diary out for a few weeks. In order to secure the best talent in the current market, processes need to be smooth, succinct and timely. Employers and hiring managers will often need to lay some groundwork and tweak their normal procedures to run a smooth hiring process and get a decision made in a timely manner. Top candidates will more than likely be involved in a number of other processes and will favour the company which is organised, timely and that can make them feel wanted. The company which drags its feet, rearranges interviews and dallies over providing feedback and making an offer is sure to lose out.

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