When there is a need to enter into the world of hiring a new employee, either on an operational or management level, getting the right team fit is absolutely essential. The right cultural fit is the fundamental foundation that holds businesses and organisations together and is a key consideration that needs to be carefully assessed when recruiting future talent.
The result of a poor cultural fit can not only cost a business a substantial amount of revenue and profit, it can also disrupt teams to the point of being unproductive, disengaged or cause them to question the decision making skills of their leadership team. Before a hiring manager or recruitment team starts measuring a candidates’ cultural fit, they need to be able to define and articulate the organisations culture to any potential employees.
Can it be said that everyone who interviews is able to convey correctly the culture of the business that they work in, it’s values, goals, and vision — and then intertwine this understanding into the recruitment process? The importance of the hiring managers, recruiters and interviewers having a very clear understanding of the characteristics that fit well should not be overlooked. 
It is really important to understand that cultural fit doesn’t mean employing a work force that are identical and come from one particular background, or have one particular set of experiences. There is a real need to be inclusive in your employee choice and not be narrow minded during your selection process as this could lead to potential discrimination and a lack of diversity.  
The values and qualities that make up an overall culture can and should be reflected in a diverse workforce.
Careful questioning during the hiring process should give an indication of the candidate’s attitude, work ethics and values. Taking someone outside of the manufactured interview situation and putting them into a “meeting the team” environment could also be helpful. The candidate whose behaviour and values are in line with yours will naturally come across as the most relaxed and confident. Gathering information from others will also give additional insight when piecing together the suitability of someone, whilst taking into consideration their technical ability to do the job and their potential to fit into the team.


If you assess the cultural fit throughout the recruitment process, you will hire employees who will thrive in their new roles, drive the growth and vision of the business, and enhance the existing culture. Ultimately getting this right first time will save you time, money and create a workforce that share a set of common goals and core values.
Roberta Barlow
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