How the technology industry is evolving in the UK

Technology across the UK, and the world, is evolving at a rapid pace. With the development of artificial intelligence (AI), amongst other things, we are now finally beginning to predict the effects this will have on our workers and all other industries that use technology to innovate and progress. We want to update you with all of the changes we have seen in the technology industry throughout 2018. 

The top trends from 2018

The top trends in the technology sector in 2018 are important when considering the future of the industry and how it will impact organisations in the coming years. AI and machine learning in the form of people analytics to keep track of staff performance and boost the productivity of human resources departments, have seen huge developments. Both are being incorporated into a range of businesses, to promote smarter working. We have also seen the incorporation of image and language recognition in businesses, which has been used to assist on a variety of projects such as content analysis. For example, this has enabled businesses to analyse imagery in advertising to increase the success of the campaign. The progression of AI will continue in the future and we can expect to see further breakthroughs in AI and machine learning in the years to come.
Secondly, the development and importance of the digital customer journey have seen massive development throughout 2018. We have recognised the importance of the customer journey, and how closely this is linked to purchase completions online and in-store. Big data collection on a business’s customer base is crucial to understanding their journey and improving it. Collecting and analysing this data thoroughly is the only way to better your processes. It is important for businesses to create a personalised journey targeted directly to their audience, this promotes an enjoyable experience for the customer and encourages repeat business in the future.
Lastly, over the course of 2018, the development of communication between business and consumer has developed through a variety of channels. More advanced content campaigns alongside the implementation and execution of the customer journey have enabled businesses to connect with their consumer in a way that has become more personalised. This has enabled businesses to hit KPI’s through the analysing of data and implementing change where necessary, through looking at results and making changes accordingly.

The industries in need of new talent

These changes in the technology sector over the last couple of years have undoubtedly caused a shift in the demand for technology skills in professionals. The different parts of technology have been able to be merged together more closely due to these new developments in the sector, making professionals across these areas work together in a way that they haven’t been able to before.
The industries that are most in need of top talent in technology are:
1. The Cloud
2. Security Businesses
3. Data and Analytics
4. Internet of Things (IoT)

New technology visas and their effect on recruitment

The introduction of technology visas in the UK has been well received within the technology sector. These visas will encourage high-skilled professionals in the industry to apply and work in the UK in their field. In the candidate-led market of today, it’s no surprise the technology sector has been facing a shortage of top talent. The specialist nature of the technology industry has been affected by the lack of skilled professionals looking for employment. 
It is important to utilise this introduction to the sector, as due to the talent shortage in the UK, there is a clear need for professionals from overseas to drive our technology industry forward through innovation and specialist skill sets. 

The biggest challenges the industry are facing

The biggest challenge for technology in the future is facing the skills gap and finding top talent in the sector. As there is a talent shortage, it is difficult to find the perfect candidates that fit the requirements of the role as well as the culture fit of your organisation. It is important to consider both of these factors, throughout your recruitment process. At Michael Page, we can help you to get in touch with top talent from all over the world, as our offices spread across the globe. 
If you are on the hunt for professionals in the technology sector get in touch with your local Michael Page office today, to discuss all of your recruitment needs. Alternatively, if you are interested in the innovation of technology, why not read our article on investing in the future of skills.
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