What led you to recruitment from your background in policing?

Upon leaving the police, I realised that I was leaving an incredibly rewarding career, due to the impact you are having on people’s lives. I knew I wanted a career where I could still assist people (albeit having a very different conversations compared to my time in the MET Police), maintain the variety of my role, have autonomy and a sense of achievement. I had considered many different career options, none of which fulfilled my criteria, until I considered recruitment. PageGroup was able to provide me with all of these aspects as they promote a high trust, high performing environment for all of their consultants to flourish.

Why did you join PageGroup? 

From my very first interaction with PageGroup, I could see everyone was passionate about the organisation and what they achieved day to day. PageGroup provide all their consultants with the tools to become successful. Your career journey is detailed from the outset along with clear, attainable targets, which are established from day one! This business invests heavily and cares for its employees as we are given a high level of responsibility and autonomy to provide the best experience to our candidates and clients.

Tell us about your PageGroup career so far 

I joined PageGroup, Bristol in March 2014 as an Associate Consultant, specialising in interim finance recruitment. After a very eye opening 11 months, through the good times and the bad I achieved my first promotion to Consultant. Now in 2019 I have achieved 5 promotions within 6 years. Currently, I am a Senior Manager leading a team of 17 Consultants and Managers.

What is most rewarding about your job?

There are so many aspects to my role which is rewarding! Firstly, knowing that I have had a positive impact on a candidates career and I have added value during their job search to benefit them. Secondly, being able to provide a solution to a staffing issue my clients might be experiencing. With my help they can finally complete that project or grow their business. Promoting my team, seeing my colleagues around me succeed and fill their potential! Finally, the benefit to me is that I receive great reward – a sense of pride, rewarded financially and an abundance of career progression. All for being an expert in what I do and giving 110% effort every day.

What advice would you give someone with a policing background who wanted a job in recruitment?

If you have this natural curiosity for ‘business’, the desire to succeed and to develop a career you are proud to look back on and not afraid to give 100% then you recruitment will suit you. In addition, the more effort you put in the greater the rewards. This is so very true of PageGroup, I have experienced this. Coming from an emergency service background, I wanted to maintain the variety I had in my previous role and not be stuck behind a desk 9-5. Recruitment has also taught me so many skills and provided me with a variety of insights into a plethora of different sectors and business.