A day in the life of a recruitment consultant

There are many misconceptions about the role of a recruitment consultant. Here at PageGroup, we want to change that. We work hard to build a culture that is supportive and enables our people to manage a healthy work-life balance for personal and career success. 
“The culture within the company is fantastic. There is a healthy competitiveness driving the business forward but with an openness that allows the opportunity for all consultants to succeed, much like a sports team.” – Hugo Chapple, Associate Consultant, Michael Page Health

Relationship building

Our consultants stress that one of the highlights of working in recruitment is meeting new people and building long-term relationships.

“Speaking to candidates and clients is one of the best parts about being a recruitment consultant. You get exposure to so many different people.” – May Travis, Associate Consultant, Michael Page Finance
As a recruitment consultant, fostering strong, lasting relationships lies at the heart of your day-to-day role. Learning about your clients’ specific hiring needs and understanding what drives an individual in the workplace, will enable you to match the right people with the right jobs. 
In addition to the external relationships you will develop, you also build strong working relationships with your colleagues.  
“Everyone knows everyone in the office, there are people here from all walks of life. My team and I are so close-knit, we support each other and have each other’s backs.” – Amy Procter, Managing Consultant, Michael Page Human Resources

Business development days

Business development days capture the essence of the fun side of recruitment. Although business development is undertaken every day within a recruitment role, a business development day provides the chance for teams to cross over and develop internal relationships. We spoke to Charlotte Dungworth, Business Manager for Michael Page Retail, who gave us a bit of insight into what a business development day entails.

“Business development days are a time to really work as part of a team. Everyone in the office switches desks and is grouped into teams to have some fun doing their job. We work with colleagues we wouldn’t normally, to share ideas and get people into new positions. The aim of the day is to get as many recruitment processes started as possible.
“In the lead up to a business development day, themes and activities are planned amongst the teams and we get together to celebrate at the end of the day. It is the epitome of work-hard-play-hard!”

Training and development

At the beginning of your career in recruitment, you can expect to receive extensive training and development support. No matter the stage you are at, we offer continued upskilling opportunities to help you progress your career. 

“As a new starter, while you develop knowledge of your market, you will have one-to-one weekly training sessions with your line manager and other senior consultants in the office.” – John Koti, Consultant, Michael Page Marketing
The exposure that you have to senior managers and directors, will allow you to gain new insight from people who have already walked your path. Sharing experience and gaining invaluable knowledge from colleagues is a great way to learn. We also offer a formal mentoring programme to help you achieve your goals. 
“I’ve been at PageGroup for three years, and in two years I have been promoted four times. Within two to three years, I was managing my own team and reporting straight into a director. I don’t think any other business could offer so many progression opportunities. It has been absolutely brilliant.” - Rachel Tammadge, Business Manager, Page Personnel

Challenging but rewarding

In any role, you should expect to face challenges, this is no different when working as a recruitment consultant. Despite the challenges you might face, however, our teams are offered continued support and are always rewarded for their hard work. 

“When you first begin developing your business and brand, there is a lot of new information to learn, but if you work hard you will learn the skills required to use information for its commercial value. These skills are also useful in day-to-day interactions, which has massively increased my confidence.” – Hugo Chapple, Associate Consultant, Michael Page Health.
Not only will you receive personal gratification as a reward for your hard work, but you can also expect team rewards, recognition from your colleagues, targets towards promotions and bonuses based on individual performance throughout the year. Dedication and hard work in your career as a recruitment consultant will propel you towards professional success.
Outlining the average day of a recruitment consultant is a difficult task, as every day is so vastly different. You will make lasting business relationships and gain exposure that isn’t available in many other industries. If you have what it takes to build a rewarding career in recruitment, get in touch or apply today.