"Your hard work, determination and success are rewarded with promotions and bonuses; you literally get back what you put in"

What led you to recruitment? 

Recruitment offered me everything I was looking for in a career. It is a meritocracy meaning those that are best at what they do progress quicker; it’s not about time served. Secondly your hard work, determination and success are rewarded with promotions and bonuses; you literally get back what you put in. Thirdly it’s a very competitive team based environment, working with likeminded people. This suited me down to the ground having come from a background of playing team sports.

What skills have helped you in your role as a managing director?

Listening, organising, empathising, developing an inclusive style of management and being transparently honest. You meet people you’ve never met before and quickly build a rapport whilst executing an action plan in a very short period of time. 

How have you balanced the demands of the job with your life away from work?

The challenge is trying to balance a very chaotic home life with two young girls and a challenging career with significant travel. Add to that trying to stay fit and maintain a healthy social life; all at the same time. On all fronts I have been very fortunate, I have a very understanding family and support network, very understanding friends and I have always worked with empathetic peers who have guided and supported me all the way.
I think the diversity, inclusion and ‘giving back’ initiatives are the most invaluable foundations that underpin our business. It has allowed us to support our diverse workforce in so many different ways. I have recently been a beneficiary of parents@page having become a father of two over the last five years. This has involved juggling a challenging career with playing Dad, and on occasions getting it the wrong way round! Listening to story tapes on the way to work is obviously an accident!)

What is most rewarding about your job?

I get the chance to help people fulfil their absolute potential, whether that be internally with consultant promotions or externally with candidate advice and consultation.

Do you have any advice to anybody thinking about joining PageGroup? 

Get ready for a change in pace; your career will move at 100mph. The role is fundamentally about building a network of relationships and developing an innate ability to consult and sell, the role is challenging, it’s tough on occasions and it’s a roller coaster ride. However, it’s a fantastic journey and very rewarding both financially and through personal recognition.
You need to be organised, disciplined and prepared to throw every ounce of energy into the role; it’s not for the faint hearted. Finally imagine a role where you look forward to going to work every day and you work with likeminded, successful people; that’s been me for the last eleven years. 
Go on....jump on board and enjoy the experience, it's a fantastic business with fantastic people!