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Flexible working: reduce costs and boost productivity in your SME

Is your business optimised for staff to deliver on their responsibilities?
In many industries, finance particularly, large blue-chip organisations have a significant advantage when competing for top talent. In an age where professionals are increasingly valuing company culture above other pull factors, SMEs can really set their business apart from the competition.
This interactive webinar will teach managers:
  • Why diversified benefits and working cultures are growing in popularity

  • How businesses can use flexible working to reduce overheads, improve productivity and attract and retain talent 

  • How to overcome obstacles when introducing dynamic working 

  • How to implement a flexible working programme in your business



If you are interested in how flexible working could be a value to your organisation read our article How to make flexible working possible as an SME. If you are currently in need of recruitment advice or are looking to make a hire speak to a consultant here