Hiring in engineering and manufacturing?

Looking for the perfect match in engineering and manufacturing talent? Working with a recruiter like Michael Page ensures access to a vast database of candidates, advanced screening technology, and industry expertise. We know what you're looking for, even if you don't. 

To get the best out of your recruitment partnership, follow these tips for a productive and successful collaboration.

1. Engage with one recruiter

Building a strong relationship with a single recruiter can be more effective than spreading your search across multiple agencies. By focusing on one recruiter, you ensure they fully understand your needs and can dedicate their efforts to finding the best candidates for your roles.

2. Give a thorough brief

Providing your recruiter with a detailed job brief is essential. Include specifics about the role, required skills, company culture, and any unique aspects of the position. The more information you give, the better they can tailor their search to find the perfect match.

3. Engage regularly

Stay in regular contact with your recruiter to keep them updated on any changes in your requirements or timeline. Regular communication helps keep the process on track and ensures your recruiter can address any issues promptly.

4. Provide prompt and direct feedback

When your recruiter presents candidates—whether through CV searches or interviews—give prompt and honest feedback. Be as specific as possible about why a candidate is or isn’t a good fit. This detailed feedback helps the recruiter refine their search and better understand your preferences, ensuring they find the ideal candidates faster.

5. Partner with Specialists

Choosing a recruitment agency with specialised consultants can enhance your hiring process. For example, at Michael Page, our consultants each have dedicated roles focusing on client experience, candidate sourcing, and job placement. This approach ensures every stage of the recruitment process is handled with precision, saving you valuable time and resources.

Michael Page's approach: Cost and time saving recruitment     

Your search for a reliable engineering recruitment agency ends here. At Michael Page, we combine local, sector-specific market expertise with advanced technology to find you quality candidates quickly and efficiently. Here’s how we do it:

Dedicated consultants: Our team is divided into roles specifically focusing on client experience, candidate sourcing, and job placement. This ensures that each part of the recruitment process is managed with expertise and attention to detail.

Advanced technology: We use cutting-edge recruitment technology to streamline the hiring process, making it seamless and efficient. This technology allows us to quickly identify and connect with top talent, ensuring you get the candidates you need when you need them most.

Quality focus: Despite our speed, we never compromise on quality. Our thorough vetting process ensures that every candidate we present meets your high standards and fits well with your company culture.

Trust Michael Page to deliver fast, reliable recruitment solutions without sacrificing quality.

Ready to transform your hiring process?

Working effectively with your recruiter can make a significant difference in your hiring outcomes. Partnering with a specialist agency like Michael Page further enhances efficiency and quality, saving you time and resources while ensuring you get the best candidates for your needs.

Let’s chat about your recruitment needs and see how Michael Page can support your journey towards finding the perfect talent.

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