The first half of 2014 has seen a continued increase in headcount across the majority of digital and ecommerce departments. While the economic downturn had a significant impact on other sectors, the growing importance of digital media has meant that this has been an ongoing trend for at least two years. This candidate led market means organisations need to carefully consider their recruitment tactics or they’ll miss out on the top candidates.

Remuneration in digital in 2014

There is still a large disparity in the marketplace with regards to remuneration packages. In the current market, in ecommerce for example, there doesn’t seem to be an even playing field. Candidates at similar levels will be offered a wide salary range. An ecommerce director can earn anywhere between £60k and £175k a year. However, as the market matures this discrepancy should level out. Remuneration depends heavily on how a business/decision maker values the channel’s importance and potential.

Top three tips to attract candidates in a short-skilled market

  1. I would always advise hiring managers to move as quickly as possible through a recruitment process. Over the past three years, the market has become increasingly candidate driven and emotion plays a big part in a candidate’s decision to take up a new opportunity. The shorter the recruitment process, the higher the emotional connection.
  2. Sell the business and the opportunity to the candidate. For too many employers, an interview is seen as a one way process where the candidate must impress. Especially in this market, one of the most important aspects to hiring the best talent is getting them fully engaged in the opportunity.
  3. Add the personal touch where at all possible. Even if the offer is delivered through your recruitment consultant, as it should be, take the opportunity to at least make a phone call to your chosen candidate congratulating them and welcoming them on board.

Advice for digital/ecommerce candidates

Candidates who really express a passion for digital are the ones that will stand out. The way you can express this passion is by getting actively involved. Once you have identified the experience and skills you want to develop, volunteer yourself for as many fresh projects as you can in your current position to expand your skill set. Make sure all of your exposure and responsibility is then detailed on your CV. Your passion and interest will be demonstrated by this additional experience. By showing how you have engaged with digital over and above your requirements, you will demonstrate your commitment to the industry. This can put you ahead of candidates who have not demonstrated the utilisation of such skills.
Skills that are particularly in demand in the current market are the analytical skills. Companies are seeking talented candidates with experience in insights and web analytics as well as those with eCRM analysis experience.
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