In the digital space, the battle for top talent has always been fierce. The fast-paced expansion of digital technology has led to demand outstripping supply across a number of skill sets. This is compounded by further specialisation of roles, meaning competition is tougher than ever.
With this in mind, there is a lot you can do (and should already be doing as an employer) to create a better digital image and promote your brand to attract and retain the best digital talent.

1. Social media

Good social media presence is an absolute must if you’re looking to attract good quality digital talent. Social media platforms are a great way of reaching out to people and engaging with others in your industry. Play to your strengths here and think about who you want to appeal to – if you’re looking to recruit a senior level role, advertising on LinkedIn may work better than tweeting about the opportunity.
Provide up to date news and insight as well as creating dialogues with your followers – if you set up a company page on Facebook and then leave it to gather dust, you’ll find it difficult to attract digital candidates that want to be given a taste of what it’s like to work at your organisation. Remember that if you’re using social media to recruit, you should include links back to your website so candidates can easily apply.

2. Attractive ads

Read your ad and ask yourself whether you’d apply for the job yourself. If you’re not a digital professional yourself, try and put yourself in their shoes. Think about what’s important to someone in a digital role and target your ad accordingly. For instance, access to relevant training and digital programs may be high on their wish list.
As with any job ad, make sure it’s well written, clear, concise and highlights the job requirements and pros of working for your company.

3. Positive branding

Communicate your brand to external audiences through social media, ads, your company website etc. Basically, anything that gets published by your business should convey your employer branding and show others what there is to love about your organisation. Be consistent in your message and keep your brand ‘tone’ appropriate to your industry.
If you have any case studies or testimonials from customers, use these as part of your employer branding – it’ll show why others love your brand too.

4. Corporate responsibility

Candidates are increasingly looking to organisations’ corporate responsibility activities when faced with multiple offers. Ensure you promote any socially responsible practices you undertake such as partnerships with charities and environmental policies on your company website as well as broadcasting these messages on your social networks.

5. What sets you apart from the competition?

Let people know what perks there are in working for your organisation, concentrating on anything you offer than your competitors don’t. Typically, if a candidate has multiple offers for similar positions with similar salaries, these added extras can be what influence their decision.
Think about the office atmosphere, dress code (does a social media manager really need to wear a suit every day?), career progression, social events, international transfer opportunities etc.
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