Looking for digital marketing jobs? Here’s why you should consider the North of England...

Online marketing is one of the fastest expanding business functions in the UK – with SEO, PPC and the rise of social media driving a new wave of growth in agency and client-side marketing functions alike.
Over the past 18 months we’ve noticed a significant increase in demand for experienced digital marketing professionals throughout the region, with Leeds in particular a hotbed for such talent. The rise in requirements for skilled professionals is due to the continued expansion of innovative ‘full service’ digital marketing agencies and the response to market demand from traditional agencies.
In-house digital marketing jobs are also becoming more frequent because of the need for organisations to improve and expand their own internal digital resource that supports their operational business.

Digital migration

In recent years, the success of MediaCityUK in Manchester has meant many media organisations, that historically might have housed their digital functions in London, have migrated instead to the North of the country. The BBC alone has brought with it lots of job opportunities for its 26 departments based in MediaCityUK, proving in the process that there is abundant talent in and around Manchester. This has also meant a massive increase of interest from digital marketing professionals who might otherwise have looked elsewhere in the UK for new roles.
Leeds is also considered a popular centre for creative digital agencies and now boasts some of the UK’s fastest growing agencies, but employer demand for new talent is currently outstripping local supply. With this in mind, we would encourage any digital marketing professionals to consider opportunities in the North – it’s a growing and exciting market.
We have presence in many of the major cities in the North, including Newcastle, Leeds and Manchester, as well as covering Birmingham – all hubs of activity for creative digital agencies.

How we work

In the past, Michael Page Marketing handled all marketing and agency roles, including digital marketing jobs, but demand over the past few years has risen to the point where we have launched a separate Michael Page business for digital roles. Michael Page Digital now focuses solely on online marketing opportunities, so that our consultants can be market specialists and offer our clients and candidates the best service. We have established ourselves as market leaders in London and we’re now expanding our capabilities in the North.
The 10 top digital marketing jobs we’re currently recruiting include:
  • Digital marketing manager
  • Ecommerce manager 
  • SEO manager
  • Head of digital 
  • Digital account manager 
  • PPC manager 
  • Web content manager 
  • Website manager 
  • Web developer 
  • Web designer
Across every sector, organisations (whether start-ups or global businesses) are recognising the importance of having online presence in order to communicate and trade effectively. An online capability is now a prerequisite and at Michael Page Digital we’re positioned perfectly to provide our clients with the best candidates in the market. In the North the demand for talent is huge at the moment and this represents an exciting time for business and digital advancement. Our reach spans across all sectors, so we work with creative digital agencies, online retailers, local b2b businesses and financial services organisations.

Get in touch

If you’re looking for your next digital marketing job or need help hiring new digital talent for your department, please don’t hesitate to contact Jon Fenech for more information on our recruitment capabilities in the North.
T: 0113 388 9018