Diversity and inclusion (D&I) has proven to be a major factor in business performance and is quickly rising to the top of the agenda for logistics professionals across the country. In a sector which remains disproportionately male, it has never been more important that we understand and appreciate the value of diverse talent – especially at the leadership level. 

Michael Page Logistics have been championing diversity and inclusion in the sector for years and helping our clients to do the same. To learn more about the great work being done by professionals who don’t fit the traditional image of a logistics executive, Michael Page Logistics will be interviewing diverse leaders from across the sector to find out more about their experiences, explore their career journeys, and share their advice to on behaviours and strategies that will help other aspiring leaders.

For the first interview in our new series, Ben Lyons, Director of Michael Page Logistics, interviewed Kate Lester, Founder and CEO of Diamond Logistics. After working for a short spell in industry, Kate founded Diamond Logistics in 1992. Since then, the business has gone from strength to strength under her leadership and is now a turnover specialist courier logistics business with an annual revenue of over £10 million. In 2020, Kate won the Talent in Logistics Inspirational Leader of the Year award and was also nominated for the Chartered Institute of Logistics 2020 Diversity Champion. 

In this exclusive Michael Page Logistics interview, Kate draws upon her wealth of experience and knowledge, taking a deep dive into her experiences as a successful female executive in the industry. Topics covered include:

  • Why Kate made the decision to the start her own business and the challenges along the way
  • How Diamond Logistics succeeded in significantly growing revenue during the global pandemic and the alterations Kate made to their business model
  • The strategies, approaches and mindset that have been key to her success and the lessons she has learned on effective leadership
  • How Diamond Logistics have supported their staff during the pandemic
  • Why Logistics is such a great industry to work in - especially for women
  • The advice she would share with other young women considering a career in Logistics 

Don’t miss these key insights from one of the industry’s most dynamic leaders. To watch the full interview.

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