At Michael Page Logistics we believe that being a specialist in what we recruit, as well as being focused on a local market, is the best and only way to derive a capability to meet with our clients’ needs. Why? Simply put, when did you last see a large transport, warehouse or distribution environment reside solely in one location, servicing their client’s needs nationally?
So, our consultants are specialists, focused on recruiting within the transport, warehouse and distribution environments across seven office locations, which span the UK nationally. This means that local variations, such as skill shortages, regional disparities and immediately available talent for seasonal peak needs, are more readily identified for a solution that is expert, expedient and guaranteed to provide more choice. It also means that we can meet with our clients on site, and at short notice, to become better acquainted with their specific needs and understand their company culture.
This approach also makes us very candidate friendly as we are able to meet more people within a shorter time period, at their convenience, locally and outside of office hours. This enables our business to be the best possible ambassador to our clients by understanding our candidates better than anyone else and working campaigns in a shorter time frame. We believe this is essential when providing for the business critical nature of the positions we are briefed on and for responsibly managing people’s careers.
Furthermore, we have developed two propositions to ensure that as well as being specialist and regionally biased, we are also focused on harnessing talent and appropriate solutions to both the lower volume end of the market and the candidate driven specific needs of organisations looking to cultivate new senior management. Michael Page Logistics handles senior roles, but if you’re interested in first line management recruitment visit Page Personnel Logistics.
To speak to someone about your logistics hiring process or job search, please get in touch with our team.