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Hiring a freelancer

Michael Page Agency represents a large pool of carefully screened freelance candidates, so we can speedily deliver exactly what your business requires.

Key things to note about our freelancers are:

  • We can provide both formal references and in-depth testimonials to give you confidence about our freelancers’ track record and experience.
  • Right to work – all our candidates are completely validated.
  • We understand their key areas of expertise so you get exactly what you need in terms of technical skills, culture fit etc.
  • Speed – you will know immediately if we can help you.
  • Ease of service - we will take care of all administration/legal/pay issues and all you pay is a weekly invoice.
  • Executive service - we represent a number of senior candidates who are able to deliver strategic reviews of key areas of your business or deliver specific projects.
Michael Page provides marketing agency recruitment solutions for freelance workers and agency clients. Contact your local Michael Page office.