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Portfolio advice for marketing agency jobs


Make it a page turner

Michael Page understands that as a candidate competing for marketing agency jobs, your portfolio needs to capture the very essence of who you are, what you do and what exactly it is you have to offer a prospective employer.
We’re also very aware that the creative efforts employed to produce quality portfolios by candidates in the tech-savvy world of marketing, communications and digital media can prove a formidable act to follow.
So, anyone wishing to make an impact with agency or studio execs is going to have to go that extra mile to present their body of work to greatest effect.

Show off, online

The traditional page-turner portfolio has been surpassed in recent years by a wealth of online social media, blogging and personalised portfolio websites; taking the art of portfolio display to a whole new level. 
While employers are looking for evidence of your creative output, it’s also key to demonstrate the positive enhancements you’ve made to working processes and details on the ROI for campaigns you’ve implemented.

Having your own portfolio website means you can:

  • Send your portfolio to prospective employers as a link
  • Project your pages and work onto a large screen if the opportunity arises
  • Allow clients to browse your work without having to download attachments
  • Include links to Flickr and other galleries containing your professional work and relevant projects
  • Enhance your presence online by utilising keywords and linking to other sites
  • Include external links such as (relevant) social network pages and blogs you host or contribute to

Here are a couple of examples of portfolios that display innovative elements online:

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