Drive your brand image take control of your marketing messaging

In order to be viewed as a top employer in the marketing sector, it is important that you promote your company as transparent, forward thinking and well organised. To do this, your brand message must be clearly communicated throughout the recruitment process.
We speak to employers hiring, and professionals exploring the market, every day. We understand what key skills you need on your team and we know what professionals are looking for when considering their options. To ensure the candidates you want and need choose your company, we have pulled together the key aspects of marketing to marketers. 

Share your brand’s story

In order to develop a strong, personable brand it is important to share your business story. Showcase the work your business does and the vision behind the brand. What does your brand stand for? What is the long-term vision of the company? When the goals and company mission align with that of your employees, your teams are more motivated and productive. Professionals that are passionate about your brand and the work they do are valuable assets to any marketing team, and indeed any business. 
Be sure that any marketing efforts reflect the ethos of your company to help shape your brand and highlight your business’ capabilities, not just in terms of what the company offers to customers, but the abilities of your marketing team as a whole. Ensure the design of your site is user friendly, includes unique graphics or video content, highlights any advice or industry content you offer, and that any research or larger campaigns are easy to locate.
In order to effectively communicate your vision, it is essential that you have strong content and PR programmes in place. Employing a content specialist to manage the messaging and communications on your website and advertisements is a great way to really take control of your brand. Who better to share what your company is all about than your own team? 
Comms teams are also a vital function in your business. Responsible for boosting the image of your brand through strategic relationships with external stakeholders, journalists and influencers. Internal comms in your business is just as important for keeping your teams well informed as they are for spreading a positive message about the brand. 

Own your digital presence 

Many potential candidates read review sites such as Glassdoor before going to an interview. The reviews and comments on such sites can significantly impact a business’ reputation and as a result, the recruitment process. It can be difficult to overcome negative reviews but it is essential to ensure a member of your team is monitoring and managing responses where necessary. When hiring, provide your recruiter with a thorough overview of your business history and culture so they can represent your company in the best way. The opinions that previous employees, suppliers and other stakeholders have of the business, can be powerful marketing tools. As a recruiter, it is not uncommon to hear from a candidate that they don’t want to move forward with an interview after having spoken to a friend or colleague about the company. The brand image of your business is everything. To better manage reviews, both on and offline, any disputes should be handled and resolved quickly. As employees leave a business it is also important to conduct an exit interview so that any issues can be communicated to the business.

Strengthen your recruitment process

People, if they’re not already, should be the key focus for your business. Great products coupled with great service will lead to happy customers but clear communication, transparency and strong leadership lead to happy employees.

Clear job descriptions
The best way for a marketing manager to shape their recruitment process is to make the key skills and attributes they are looking for very clear to recruiters. Job descriptions are a key part of the recruitment process. Not only do they highlight to potential employees who they are looking to employ but they can also communicate to a candidate what the business culture is like.

Provide a comprehensive overview
When a candidate is briefed about a role, an overview of the company and position should be provided. Is the business looking to grow and if so how would they contribute to this? How centralised is the business and how much input do employees have on the marketing strategy? Candidates will also want to know what budgets are available for the strategy and what approach to marketing communications the company takes. 

At the interview stage, the moment a candidate walks through the door they will be assessing whether or not your company is one they would enjoy working for and could envisage themselves paving a successful career within. Make it clear why they should want to work for you – don’t assume that because you hold a prominent position in the market or work with well-known clients that a top candidate will choose your company over a lesser known brand. An interview is a two-way process, be sure to impress the candidates you meet with.

If you would like any more information or to discuss how we can help with your recruitment processes, please do get in touch. Alternatively, submit a job spec today and one of our specialist consultants will call you back.
Kirsty Dickinson
Managing Consultant, Michael Page Marketing
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