Own your digital presence: review sites

Glassdoor is a popular site for prospective employees to visit when considering whether to apply for a role or accept a job offer. There, they can read reviews from former and current employees and get a better understanding of what it is really like to work for that company. While reviews on the site might not necessarily have a positive impact on the attractiveness of a company, if there are a string of negative reviews, they can very often raise alarm bells for candidates and in extreme cases, might mean they choose not accept the role.
Working closely with both clients and candidates every day, we have seen several cases in which candidates have been offered a role and been reluctant to accept due to Glassdoor reviews. Regardless of whether there is truth behind the reviews or not, it plants a seed of doubt in a prospective employees mind. The key is for companies to respond to all reviews, good or bad, in a prompt, courteous and efficient manner. 

Managing online reviews

The management of a Glassdoor profile and responses to reviews should be a collaborative approach from both HR and marketing. HR have the responsibility of managing employee engagement, whilst a marketing professional, with content and copywriting skills, will be responsible for building an appropriate response. 
Some companies choose only to respond to negative reviews but it is important to respond to all reviews, regardless of the content. Key points to remember when formulating an effective business strategy for responding to reviews: 
  • Respond to every review within a reasonable and agreed timescale (e.g. 24 hours). 
  • Acknowledge what has been said and do not become defensive or try to excuse any negatives. 
  • When replying to a negative comment, ask the individual who has left the negative review to contact you directly for further feedback.
  • Outline a plan of action to overcome or resolve any issues moving forward. 
To encourage positive reviews, always conduct exit interviews about two weeks before the departing employee is due to leave. Any issues or negative feelings that are raised in the interview can be acknowledged and where possible rectified. It is also important to ensure you follow up with the employees a week later. 
Any negative reviews or comments you receive need to be managed quickly. Have one person responsible for the site who will be accountable for the timely and effective management of all responses. This marketing professional in charge of responding to Glassdoor reviews should have a good knowledge of social media platforms, an understanding of the importance of employee engagement and experience writing articulate, and engaging copy. 

Improve the review score of your business

Some of the complaints professionals have about their previous or current employer and the key reasons professionals come to us looking for a new role include lack of progression opportunities, poor working culture/environment, that they are underpaid, are not able to maintain a positive work-life balance, or are micromanaged in their current position. 
It is important to ensure your employees feel able to approach you for an honest and open conversation if they are unhappy. The majority of the above issues can be highlighted and resolved through staff engagement surveys, 360 feedback forms and regular reviews. 
Having a transparent culture where employees feel comfortable enough to raise any concerns with managers may help reduce or even prevent any negative feedback. Even if the issue is with the lack of flexibility and ability to work from home, if the issue is dealt with in a proactive manner, and the reasons why it can or cannot be dealt with are explained to the employee, then this should reduce any hard feelings and the need for ex-employees to publish negative feedback on social media.  
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