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What makes a good graphic design CV?

We receive a large number of CVs from marketing designers on a daily basis and receive regular feedback from our clients, on what information they need to see. We’ve listed some basic advice below for you to consider prior to submitting your CV:

Separate your CV and portfolio

The purpose of your CV is to give a quick, clear and basic guide to your skill set and experience, whereas your portfolio is an opportunity to showcase work relevant to your prospective employer. By doing this you will also dramatically reduce the file size of your CV and greatly reduce the amount of bounce backs.

Get the format right

If possible produce a plain text, Word formatted CV. This will enable your CV to pass through CV reception software. Remember, in many businesses the first person to view your CV will not be a designer and will be looking at content over layout.

Include key information

As with all CVs there are certain basic details you should include –
  • Work history
  • Personal details
  • Skill summary
  • Education
  • Contact details
  • Interests
With any design orientated CV there are several additional details we would suggest you include, such as:
  • The type of finished output e.g. catalogue, POS, packaging, direct mail, logo development.
  • If in-house then a breakdown of your employer’s industry.
  • If in an agency then a list of key clients you have worked with and a summary of the material produced.
  • If in an agency then details of the sectors you have worked within e.g. financial services, FMCG.
  • A thorough list of all computer packages you are proficient in and a guide to your level of expertise e.g. Illustrator expert, InDesign intermediate.
For more advice on how to make your CV stand out from the crowd, get in touch.