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Digital marketers – the not-for-profit sector wants you

Charities and not-for-profit organisations are going through a period of reorganisation. They continue to invest more into digital marketing, as opposed to offline, which has led to many businesses growing their existing online teams. Whereas before there was a big drive to hire digital content skills, this has now extended to include broader digital marketing opportunities – from junior to senior level, on both a temporary and permanent basis.
Recent placements we’ve made at Michael Page Marketing not-for-profit include:
  • Head of digital – Sue Ryder
  • Digital engagement manager – Action on Hearing Loss
  • Senior digital executive – Action on Hearing Loss
  • Email marketing executive – CIMA
  • Digital marketing officer – WaterAid
"The focus is to establish and promote engagement..."The focus is for digital marketing teams to establish and promote engagement, which extends the giving process, so demand is for candidates with experience in digital acquisition and engagement.
Given the high demand for skilled digital marketers, charities are opting to attract candidates with a proven digital track record from outside the sector, rather than those with sector experience but little digital exposure.

Candidate advice

It’s important that candidates display a passion for a particular charity rather than the sector as a whole. So if you’re looking for your opportunity to break into the charity sector – here it is.
For those candidates with not-for-profit experience who would like to break into the digital space, take any opportunity to work on projects in this area within your organisation."...take any opportunity to work on projects in digital..."
Many charities have an active social media presence which is a good way to become familiar with specific organisations and key themes within the sector. It’s actually much more competitive than many people think so good online presence and brand reputation is really important.
We suggest that all junior candidates embark on a CIM or IDM course – not only does it prove technical/theoretical competence, it also shows that you’re committed enough.

Employer advice

Employers looking to hire the best candidates should move quickly and be flexible with their application and interview processes. The best candidates don’t have time to fill out in-depth application forms.
As is typical with roles throughout the sector, salary isn’t always the main motivator. Being able to influence the growth of the charity and the brand of the charity are what attracts candidates to a role. Good work/life balance is also an important attraction method across the sector, but this doesn’t mean you should consider candidates who aren’t willing to put in the hard work, particularly in such a competitive market.
"...create positive employer branding on the social media platforms you use."The growth of social media has also affected the way candidates perceive a charity. It’s crucial you create positive employer branding on the social media platforms you use. They’re a free way of engaging with a wider audience and driving traffic to your website, so be sure to publish relevant news and insight, as well as using it to reach out to people.
For more information on the demand for digital skills and for advice on your recruitment process or job search, get in touch with your local Michael Page Marketing team or to speak to someone about not-for-profit recruitment, contact Jael Woolley.
Jael Woolley
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