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Michael Page Marketing - consultancy salary update


Hire at the right price

We are keen to keep communicating with our clients even if you are not actively looking to grow your team at the moment. We pride ourselves on being specialists in the consultancy space so the professional services team at Michael Page Marketing has put together a salary update, created through the information taken from the sector over the last six to nine months. This information is designed to inform both current and new clients of the shifts in salary brackets and how any remaining budget can be usefully and effectively spent for the rest of 2013.
Our work in the consultancy space this year-to-date has been good and we are seeing a number of placements within a joint marketing and business development space. This has been a real area of growth over the past 18 months and we have developed relationships with some excellent candidates in this space.
The below table shows salary ranges within the consultancy space:
Role From Average To Avg. daily rate
Marketing Director £120k £150k £190k £500-850
Head of Marketing £65k £85k £120k £250-500
Marketing Manager £30k £35k £55k £120-250
Marketing Executive £25k £27k £30k £110-200
Marketing Assistant £20k £22k £25k £100-150
Customer Insight Executive £20k £25k £30k £100-180
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) £30k £32k £35k £120-180
Internal Communications £30k £35k £55k £120-250
Bid/Proposals Executive £25k £35k £45k £110-190
Bid/Proposals Manager £40k £50k £60k £200-300
Public Relations Manager £35k £55k £75k £170-350
Business Development Executive £25k £30k £40k £150-200
Business Development Manager £35k £50k £60k £200-300
Our team is made up of specialists within the consultancy space and this update is designed to share the information we have gathered this year in order to better inform any future recruitment decisions. If you are looking to hire, please do not hesitate to contact.
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