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Offshore work locations - Cayman Islands

With crystal clear waters and world famous beaches and diving, the Cayman Islands offer a glamorous vacation destination. However, additional to the enviable year round climate, the Cayman Islands can offer professionals challenging and interesting work, as well as that much sought after quality of life.
The Islands are located in the western Caribbean sea, south of Miami and Cuba and North West of Jamaica.  Three islands make up Cayman; Cayman Brac, Little Cayman and the main island of Grand Cayman where the capital George Town is located.  There are direct flights from the UK which take approximately ten hours. The average Cayman temperature is 78°F/ 26°C in the winter and about 86°F/ 30°C in the summer. 
Cayman has no direct tax and this fact has led to its increasing popularity with corporate and personal investor. Such is its popularity as a financial centre that Cayman is now ranked as the fifth biggest financial centre in the world, behind on ly London, Tokyo, New York and Frankfurt.

Living and working in the Cayman Islands

Grand Cayman, where all the business is conducted, has a very mid-Atlantic feel with the UK and US vying for the biggest influence on the Islands.  The Cayman Islands offer its professionals the opportunity to work in smaller teams than they are used to and therefore become integral to the business they join. They will also work closely with their clients in an environment where they will be treated as a valued member of the team. Due to the size of the Islands, commuting distances are negligible which mean there is more time to enjoy outside work pursuits.
The islands have a thriving sporting and social community and it is easy to make friends in a place where there are so many like minded people keen on water-sports, socialising and their careers. Rugby, golf, cricket, tennis and football are also widely played. The Canadian ex-pats even have their own hockey leagues.
Salaries are uniformly high and with the favourable tax position UK and US professionals are roughly 50% better off in real terms. Professionals from Canada, Australia and other commonwealth countries could find themselves earning three or four times their current salaries. Relocation expenses and temporary accommodation and transport are also included as standard in most packages.
Due to the requirement to obtain a work permit unless you are a resident of the Cayman Islands, it can take as long as six months from first applying for a position and the first day of your new job, which should be considered when deciding when to make to apply.