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Offshore work locations - Gibraltar

With a combination of geographical location, climate and a unique history, Gibraltar has an obvious attraction to those wishing to savour a new lifestyle. With a history of strong British Military support and now a growing economic structure, offshore opportunities are becoming more and more common to those open to the charms of Gibraltar.
Gibraltar is a UK overseas territory sharing a border with Spain and in close proximity to the southernmost tip of the Iberian Peninsula. Known to some as ‘The Rock’ in reference to the limestone land formation, Gibraltar has had a rich history in sovereignty. Direct flights from the UK will take up to a maximum of four hours.
With mild winters and warm summers, Gibraltar enjoys a Mediterranean climate. The average temperature in the winter drops to 59°F/15°C in the winter and about 86°F/30°C in the summer.
As an overseas territory of the UK, the Head of State is Queen Elizabeth II who is represented by the Governor of Gibraltar. Today Gibraltar has an extensive service-based economy dominated by financial services and online gaming. As with many offshore jurisdictions, companies have relocated to benefit from operating in a regulated jurisdiction with a favourable tax regime.

Jobs in Gibraltar

The culture in Gibraltar is a fusion of neighbouring European customs. With a strong Spanish and British influence, evidence of Italian, French and German living is subtle but embraced. English is the language of the government and anyone wishing to pursue higher education can go onto study in a UK university.
With such strong British influence, professional working life has much parity to life in the UK. With local considerations though, people can expect to be working in teams that are smaller and be welcomed as a valuable member of a team. The influence of British culture is also felt in media. Due to the climate, working hours may vary depending on the heat of the day letting individuals enjoy a more balanced lifestyle.
With current income tax rates, individuals are better off in real terms and the difference in net salary can be considerable. Relocation expenses and temporary accommodation and transport are also included as standard in most packages.