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Online shopping leads to recruitment spree

E-commerce is no longer just about online selling, it’s an innovative way of engaging with customers online. Similarly, the internet is not just a cash register but an essential branding tool. As technologies come to fruition, the demand increases for the talent capable of planting seeds for the next generation. To recruit these individuals means staying ahead of market trends and Michael Page Retail has been keeping a careful eye on the following:
  • Net-a-Porter’s iPhone application – Net-a-Porter chairman and founder Natalie Massenet says: “Net-App gives the customer the ability to shop the world’s most sought-after products and brands 24/7, no matter where you are in the world, directly from your iPhone or iPod Touch. You will never miss a thing.” 
  • Robert Dyas have implemented Internet kiosks in their stores to allow customers to research and purchase products from the retailer’s website.
  • Sky now has a Sky Plus application available for iPhones and Blackberrys to allow its customers to make use of its remote recording facilities.
  • M&S Fizzback customer service system allows the retailers’ customers and staff to submit feedback on any issue via text message or the internet. Comments are automatically analysed to identify trends and allow tailored responses to be created and sent.
  • Sainsbury’s are utilising networking site Facebook to advertise their ‘Feed the family for a fiver’ promotion to reach a wider audience.
  • The high profile uptake of the commercial use of Twitter is testament to the fact that traditional marketing methods are taking a backseat to the opportunities presented by the new technological age. We can provide you with the professionals that will be at that vanguard.
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