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With freight delays, price inflation, and recruitment issues throughout 2021, the procurement and supply chain industry had one of the toughest years on record. On top of this, the demand for top professionals is the highest it has been in almost six years, whilst the number of qualified candidates has hit historic lows.

With these challenges likely to continue, attracting top talent has never been this crucial for business success and growth. To aid our customers in their search for talent, we have created this comprehensive salary and skills guide split into two subsectors: Consumer and Life Sciences, and Industrial. This comprehensive salary guide will cover the following topics: 

Recruiting, talent trends, and skills 

In the first part of our market overview, we highlight a number of key factors affecting procurement and supply chain hiring. This includes current hiring processes and trends, talent availability by location, key skills, and emerging skills. For businesses looking to hit targets, grow, and succeed in 2022, this type of data is invaluable. 

Salaries in procurement and supply chain 

Competition for the best talent is extremely fierce in the procurement and supply chain space, resulting in a growing trend of huge counteroffers being made by current employers. Understanding key data points like this, as well as the average salaries for the most advertised roles, and regional pay trends, fluctuations, and expectations, will give you the edge on your competition when it comes to recruitment.

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