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Michael Page Sales – interim case studies


Scenario one

An SME telecommunications business were looking to secure a sales director. With the permanent search moving very slowly, and the team of four responsible for £23m worth of business leaderless, the hire was becoming a high priority.
  • Client and local agencies already undertaken an exhaustive search for local talent
  • Potential person would need to be based away from the UK four days a week
  • Lack of hiring stability was causing problems with morale internally and externally
  • Potential interim earmarked for long-term hire
  • Complicated process due to location and method
The solution:
  • Discussed interim possibilities with the client to alleviate pressure of permanent search
  • Initially identified 42 candidates who fit the brief, six profiles submitted and five candidates interviewed
  • One of the profiles shortlisted had worked for competitor businesses in the UK, was a good fit culturally and experienced at developing internal culture in a business
  • Interim offered permanent role and looked to relocate the following year

Scenario two

Embarking on a seasonal Christmas project to maximise revenue at this peak time, by encouraging new retailers to sell on their online platform.
  • For such a short-term project, they needed a team who could hit the ground running
  • Too large a workload for existing staff, plus no remaining headcount to recruit employees
  • Could not guarantee that they would have the headcount to keep this new team after Christmas
The solution:
  • We recruited half the new team on temporary contracts, with the option to go permanent later
  • They added instant value and increased sales figures dramatically
  • Headcount has now been approved for 2014 and 50% of team has been taken on permanently
  • Temp to perm recruitment model was such a success that another department has approached us to adopt the same process for their team too
  • We have hired and additional two members of staff for them on this basis