Why did you join MP Technology?

One of the main attractions of wanting to join MP Technology is that at the moment, Page has massively invested in the Tech UK business and we are part way through a 3 year journey to double the size of this discipline. I joined MP in London when there was a similar investment (at that time it was in the contract consultants across the UK), and this meant fast paced growth, lots of incentives and promotions, energy and pace and really feeling like you’re part of something bigger that’s moving at speed. It also means there are lots of opportunities, the market is rich and there’s a lot to learn, which makes the role more interesting, rather than just another recruitment role.

How does MP Technology support you and your career?

Across Page, and also within MP Technology, we have invested a lot into diversity and inclusion and we can feel this within Page. I feel like we live and breathe our values and at each stage, whether you’re an Associate Consultant or a Director, we have a very open and transparent way of making people feel valued, celebrating their differences and all with one common goal of generating high performance. With regards to promotions and development, we have amazing on-the-desk training, combined with cleverly written classes that combine digital and in-class training, led by both talented trainers and leaders who are operational in the business. Furthermore, we have clear cut objectives so you know what you need to achieve in order to reach your next promotion. This, combined with our flexible working approach, allow you to take ownership of your career.

How long have you been with PageGroup? Why did you leave, but more critically what made you come back?

I joined Page in September 2013 as a Consultant. I was promoted to Senior Consultant within 9 months, then 3 months later promoted to Manager, and 12 months later promoted to AD. I left because I wanted a new challenge and to explore other opportunities. The role I chose was in an SME, at Board level, managing their 7 key accounts and their 14 person Delivery team, so it was different and more strategic as I wasn’t on the front line recruiting. However, when I started the role, I had just met my partner Huw, and before I knew it I was spending 4 days in Manchester and 3 days in London per week, travelling between my relationship and work. I made the decision to follow love and move to the North. Page was one of the first companies I thought of and I contacted my old OD, Alex Hall, who connected me with my current OD Zoe Glennen and MD Doug Rode. Apart from their shared vision and growth potential in Tech – which means fast paced, promotions and great bonuses if the performance is there - I returned having heard about Page’s new structure. I love that we are always trying to improve ourselves. The restructure had a huge impact on people working more collaboratively within the same office. Other reasons why I returned were: the flexibility that Page now offers, the benefits package, including enhanced maternity cover (I’m pregnant!), and our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

What does work-life balance mean to you and how do you ensure you have one?

Work-life balance to me simply means being happy and content in both my work and personal life. This means being able to commit to work but also creating time for my personal relationships (my partner, my future baby, my friends and family) and interests outside work. Flexibility and trust is key to ensure that I can consistently perform in both work and life!

What have been your Page career highlights?

Career highlights include fast track promotion to AD in 2 years and 3 months, my team
in London billing £1m in their first year with 3 people, fast track promotions for 3 of my
consultants (London and Manchester) and developing both their professional and personal
lives. I am currently happy leading both my teams from the front and achieving over 120%
for the last 3 quarters.

What five words would you use to describe working at Page?

• Fun  • Challenging  • Flexible  • Valued  • Rewarding