In this on-demand webinar, our expert speaker, Sheri Hughes, PageGroup’s UK Diversity and Inclusion Director, shares insights on the following topics: 

  • Building a culture of inclusion, understanding, and acceptance remotely 
  • The importance of 1-2-1s and getting to know your reports personally
  • The impacts of video calls
  • The need for constant communication
  • The role of psychological safety 
  • Inclusive leadership and why, more than ever, people need to feel they belong 
  • The importance of establishing a routine 
  • Signposting to support and encouraging individuals to ask for help 

In a remote working environment, what does wellbeing encompass and what can employers do to support their teams? Find out as Sheri covers how, in a virtual workspace, organisations can best support their teams, tips and advice on how to manage people remotely, and the warning signs to be aware of that might mean your people are struggling to adjust. 

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  • Event speakers

    Host: Michael Lyons, Operating Director, Michael Page  

    Speaker: Sheri Hughes, UK Diversity and Inclusion Director, PageGroup