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Local Government recruitment

It is a challenging time for Local Government, with the joint pressures of the recession and budget cuts hitting the sector hard. Our clients have told us they are having to adapt quickly to cope with these pressures and are depending on us for innovative solutions to recruitment and resource management.

The key driver for our clients, who are predominantly middle and senior managers within local government, is how to improve efficiency in both their services and organisational structure. This has been heightened by the launch of the Operational Efficiency Programme in last months budget, which demands £15bn in savings across local and central government. There has already been an impact on headcount levels with the LGA reporting that up to 6,700 council jobs have been lost over the last six months in England.
What we are hearing from the market, however, is that there isn’t a huge appetite for cutting headcount but rather an agenda for change on how management can support front line services more efficiently. We are working with our clients to improve management information and ensure that there is more of an awareness of spend. We are also looking at how organisations can share best practice, particularly around putting a centralised demand management structure in place.
There is still the demand for talent in the sector and this is particularly important when local government is looking for innovative solutions to drive efficiency. In the current climate there is a great opportunity for local government to attract private sector expertise – professionals who will relish the challenge of helping local government reshape their traditional service delivery models.
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